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Grand Cayman vacations offer much more than the gentle splendors of sun, sand and sea. Its unique attractions include the Cayman Turtle Farm, and Pedro St. James Historic Site with its restored 19th-century plantation great house. Marvel at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and gardens. Visit the National Trust and learn about historic buildings. Explore bird sanctuaries, wetland reserves and nature trails, which can be found on all three Cayman Islands. Finally, meet the hospitable Caymanian people, who will enrich every experience.

Located near the deepest part of the Caribbean sea, south of Cuba and north of Jamaica, the three Cayman Islands are known for snorkeling, scuba diving, and offshore banking.

The largest of the islands, Grand Cayman, promises visitors a tropical vacation for the ages.  Georgetown, the capital city, is a bustling hub of activity with a distinctly Caribbean flair. Roam the streets lined with colorful buildings housing a dizzying array of shopping and dining options. Make yourself comfortable on the soft coral sands of Seven Mile Beach, noted as one of the best-loved beaches in the Caribbean.  With a wealth of accessible reefs to explore, Grand Cayman Vacations is a haven for avid snorkelers and divers.

Only a short plane ride from Grand Cayman, the island of Cayman Brac is known for its rugged offshore adventures including shallow water diving and wall diving. And Little Cayman, the smallest island, is home to protected wildlife, several bird species, and wealth of marine life.

This sparkling British Overseas Territory was mostly uninhabited until the 1600s, except for pirates and shipwrecked sailors. Today, visitors from around the world arrive at its shores for an idyllic vacation in the sun

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The busy little colonial capital also draws its fair share of wheelers and dealers, being a major offshore investment centre with more than 500 banks. The banking business has made Grand Cayman an affluent society, but decadence has not accompanied the wealth.

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