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River Cruises -Unforgettable Fusion of Distinctive Sights & Colorful Cultures. Welcome to the world of river cruising, an unforgettable fusion of distinctive sights, colorful cultures, and ancient traditions. Glide along imposing medieval castles, lush riverbank vineyards, and remarkable ancient wonders on European luxury river cruises.

Imagine a vacation where it’s more than the destination – it’s the journey. See the world in a new way. Explore the treasures of Europe, Africa or Asia’s breathtaking landscape, fascinating cities on board luxurious river cruise ship all in the lap of luxury while only unpacking once.

Dock in the heart of each city, explore with an English-speaking tour guides that help you navigate through captivating town squares, and introduce you to local chefs, winemakers or chocolatiers or get your heart pumping by pedaling your way through the villages and vineyards on your included bicycle.

Indulge in flavors to suite your distinct taste, relax on your private balcony as wind down the river and later escape to the comfort of your stateroom at night while anticipating the next day’s event.

River cruises has grown rapidly over the past few years as the word spreads about this wonderful way to explore the world aboard comfortable, modern ships it become the popular way cover a lot of destinations without the wasted time of packing, unpacking allow ample time to immersed in the destination and truly explore history, culture and people.

Quamis Travel Management is an industry leader in helping travelers craft the river cruise itinerary of their dreams, whether your preference is for a large, intimate or boutique river cruise through Spain and Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, or a number of other destinations in Europe, Russia, Africa or Southeast Asia.

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