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Lots of couples say, “I do,” and “I still do,” in Grenada. With sublime settings for weddings and honeymoons by the sea. Grenada Vacations is the perfect destination for romance and adventure.

Grenada is made up of three main islands – Grenada, Carracou and Petite Martinique. Known as the “Isle of Spice”, there are more spices here per square mile than any other place. An ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing, tropical vacation, with over 40 white sand beaches with exquisite turquoise waters. Grenada’s physical beauty is complemented by its rich history. The island’s easy rhythms and the friendly openness of its residents evoke an atmosphere hard to find elsewhere.

Grenada is home to several fragrant nutmeg plantations. Georgian-style architecture, colorful houses, and the impressive Fort George pepper the capital city of St. George.

As if the natural wonders of the island weren’t enough cause for celebration, the islands also enjoy a festive “Spicemas” in August and sailing regattas and festivals throughout the year, attracting an international crowd of sailors, onlookers, and their first mates.

Less than 350 square miles, the Western Hemisphere’s second-smallest nation, Grenada, is big on beauty. Grenada Island shares its bounty with two sister isles, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, which make up this stunning three-island nation. Most of the population resides on the island of Grenada.

From diving and snorkeling amid sculpted underwater landscapes to rejuvenating trips to luxurious hillside spas overlooking shimmering seas, Grenada Vacations has a little something for everyone under the sun.

Grenada Travel Tips

Grenada is called the Isle of Spice because it is a major producer of spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa and others. In fact, the air in Grenada is permeated with their scent. Visitors can take a little break from the beaches and travel inland to explore the island’s many beautiful spice plantations.

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