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An uncrowded, unspoiled respite in the Caribbean, St. Kitts vacations offer its natural beauty like a welcome mat for first-time and returning visitors alike.

The island boasts pristine and gleaming shores surrounded by sparkling cobalt waters, plus many other facets to this impressive jewel of an island.

When you’ve had your fill of snorkeling, diving and sailing, you’ll want to explore the remainder of the island – taking in lava formations, lush tropical forests,secluded lagoons, lush patchworks of sugarcane fields, and the cloud-fringed peak Mount Liamuiga the dormant volcano that stands over the island. But with all there is to do, the lazy ambiance of St. Kitts may just lead to a holiday built around the restful appeal of a sugar-soft beach.

Quaint colonial architecture dots the island, and lavish plantation homes have been converted into splendid and cozy inns. Plus quaint shopping and delectable cuisine complete a picture that will call you back to St. Kitts time and time again.

The island is alive with nature’s bounty and vibrant wildlife. From the breathtaking National Park and Crater Lake to the magnificent coral beds, myriad species of birds and green vervet monkeys, St. Kitts engages all the senses.

This is one time you should look down when climbing or ziplining across cliffs, because on St. Kitts, it would be such a shame to miss all the remarkable sights below as you glide through the rainforest.

St. Kitts Vacations Travel Tips

Residents of St. Kitts have gone out of their way to ensure that their island remains virtually unchanged by modern sprawl. Island law forbids any building from being taller than the surrounding palm trees. St Kitts is full of history, nature and unspoiled beauty that is waiting to be seen and enjoyed.

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