How Quamis Travel Management Works

Quamis Travel Management custom itinerary is designed to eliminate the stress and worry of planning your vacation experience while saving you valuable time and money.
Our Travel Advisors offer you extensive travel knowledge and experience at your fingertips creating unforgettable experiences.

1. Getting Started With Quamis Travel Management
Since no two clients are the same, neither are the exclusively crafted itineraries created by Quamis Travel Management. We customized itineraries tailored to each individual client with your personal tastes, interests and budget in mind. We consider your lifestyle, your travel goals, your travel history, your current reasons and hopes for the vacation, your special request and the amount of time you have available to custom craft your unique vacation experience.

We research cruises, hotels and tours to meet your specific needs, contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, and arrange for guides and drivers to finely craft your very own tailor-made signature travel experience. Your final itinerary and documents will help provide you with a smooth vacation as possible, leaving you with stories to tell.

2. Consult with our expert
To begin, contact us via our contact us form or Schedule An Appointment to speak with a Quamis Travel Management Travel Consultant.

We will set a time for a FREE one hour consultation to learn about your travel needs and how best to serve you.

3. Choose Your Package
Once you’ve completed your free one hour consultation, your Quamis Travel Management Travel Consultant will provide you with some preliminary ideas. Whether you are just looking for help planning the perfect route, getting everything taken care of from start to finish, to planning multiple trips per year and looking for an annual retainer. We work with you according to your needs.

4. Let us do the hard work
We will mine our worldwide resources, conduct meticulous research and draw on our personal experiences to develop your day-to-day itinerary. Your Quamis Travel Management Travel Consultant will then provide you a preliminary draft of your itinerary. This is your opportunity to make requests, ask question and get personal travel advice.

Together we collaborate on the itinerary to enhance and refine it until you are satisfied.

5. Receive custom itinerary & recommendations
We provide you with your custom tailor-made itinerary with where to stay, how to get around, places to visit, and suggested day tours. Your entire trip is outlined in a presentation.

6. Make Trip Decisions
Once you’ve approved the proposed itinerary, we’ll handle the arrangements and provide you with a seamless experience from beginning to end. (Once this phase has begun, only minor changes to the itinerary may be allowed to avoid delays in planning and fees associated with booking changes.)

Before you depart, you get a customized travel packet that includes everything you need for a well-prepared trip. And, you will receive support before, during and after your trip.

7. Experience It!
Pack your bags and off you go. Enjoy access to all your travel information in one place and On-Trip Support via our Travel Resource Center (TRC) Bon Voyage!

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