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Saint Lucia vacations provides you with a sunny and warm island experience.  As the trade winds blow gently through each perfect Caribbean island, you will revel in the culture and traditions that draw on a rich history. The Caribbean island is a wonderland overflowing with romance, adventure, discovery and awe blended with the modern rhythms and luxurious amenities of today.

Saint Lucia offers pristine rainforests, palm-fronted sandy beaches and majestic Piton Mountains, reminiscent of a Caribbean-style Bora Bora, overlooking stunning azure waters. More than 30 Caribbean island gemstones, large and small with unique charms, enticements and colors await your Saint Lucia vacation. The natural beauty of the Caribbean leaves the soul stirred and the senses yearning for more.

Saint Lucia is one of the Windward Islands, located in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean chain. Its terrain is a combination of high mountains, forests, low-lying lands and beaches. Mountain ranges runs the length of the island and forests dominate the mountains, while jasmine, scarlet chenille and wild orchids provide splashes of color to the lush green slopes.

This sun-drenched Caribbean island country provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding or honeymoon; land and sea adventures; or a relaxing stroll on the beach.

If you love the outdoors, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this island paradise: bubbling hot springs, stunning waterfalls, rainforests, and the Maria Islands Nature Reserve will captivate you.

However, there’s more to enjoy in Saint Lucia than its abundant natural beauty. Take some time out from the dreamy translucent ocean and the grand Piton peaks to enjoy the island’s colorful local history and architecture.

Saint Lucia Travel Tips

Saint Lucia is the nature lovers delight, with topography ranging from lush mountains and volcano’s to waterfalls and sandy beaches.

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