Saint Barthelemy Vacations

A getaway for the wealthy, famous and French, as well as sun-worshipping vacationers from all walks of life, Saint Barthelemy Vacations offer an island paradise both above and below its sparkling Caribbean seas.

The charming Caribbean isle nicknames of St. Barths or St. Barts, is a delightfully sweet. The rustic charms of Saint Barthelemy is a peaceful alternative to the high spirits of many other Caribbean destinations. Here the discerning traveler delights in a postcard-perfect paradise, where the glistening indigo waters quiet the noisy mind.

Take in the island’s magnificence from horseback as you ride past quaint villages, colorful fishing skiffs, rolling pastures marked by low stone walls, and women wearing the distinctive white sunbonnets of the French provinces.

Although tranquility is the rule, there are plenty of activities to thrill the dedicated water enthusiast. Diving is an unforgettable experience in the brilliant coral-fringed seas. Windsurfing is fueled by the irresistible trade winds, and waterskiing gets your blood pumping in exhilaration.

But if peace and seclusion are what you’re after, Saint Barthelemy is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean.

Saint Barthelemy

Did you know that in 1496, Christopher Columbus landed on the island of St. Barths and named it after his brother Bartholomew.

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